DOYOKY Epoch Game Controller

  • Bigger, and more Comfortable. DOYOKY's first flagship controller for 2024, inherits the iconic characteristics of our Classic Joycon, but is now bigger and more comfortable, granting you unparalleled gaming mastery.
  • Improved Ergonomics. The handles of DOYOKY Epoch feature attention-grabbing soft rubberized material, providing a non-slip, durable surface that delivers exceptional tactile feedback. Say goodbye to sweaty palms affecting your gaming experience, even during extended play sessions.
  • Hall Effect Joystick. DOYOKY Epoch incorporates the JH16 version of the non-contact Hall Effect joystick design, minimizing mechanical wear for an extended lifespan. With rapid response times and heightened reliability, Epoch significantly reduces the risk of joystick drift, ensuring seamless, uninterrupted gaming sessions.
  • Powered by DOYOKY RGB. With DOYOKY's 180-color RGB options and dynamic lighting effects, freely switch between multiple lighting modes on the Epoch for an immersive gaming experience. Customize the lights to your preference, easily turning them on or off as desired.
  • Comprehensive Functionality. Programmable Button, Dual vibration, Turbo Function, and 6-Axis capabilities... Epoch encompasses all features from our Classic joycon, elevating your gaming encounters to an exceptional level.