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DOYOKY collabs

DOYOKY collaborates with influencers in diverse domains on a regular basis, offering exclusive unboxing previews and immersive experiences. Each partnership relies on the extensive reach of these channels to broaden the exposure of our products to a wider audience.


Just upgraded my switch!

A gamer shared his recently acquired DOYOKY wired joycon on Reddit.
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Best Nintendo Switch Accessories for 2023

From controllers to charging to protection, here are our recommendations to keep you playing at your best.
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The 5 Best Joy-Con Replacements for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s official Joy-Cons are expensive, prone to “Joy-Con drift,” and uncomfortable for people with big hands. But don’t worry, third-party Joypads are nearly half the price of the real thing, and solve many of the Joy-Con problems that Nintendo refuses to address.
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Review: DOYOKY Wireless RGB Joycon Slim Controller [2022]

Here’s what you need to know about the BINBOK(DOYOKY) RGB Joycons for the Nintendo Switch.
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DOYOKY Wireless RGB Joy-Con Controller for Nintendo Switch, review

For greater comfort and additional functionality, it is necessary to turn to third-party accessories- BINBOK Company.
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Modded my DOYOKY controller with a DualShock4 D-Pad and it feels great

The DS4 D-pad sits higher on the BINBOK compared to the original D-pad it came with. This makes it easier to do diagonal...
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DOYOKY RGB Joy Pad Controller for Nintendo Switch review: One of the best options out there

Anyone looking for a better grip when playing their favorite Switch games would do well to purchase this controller. It works incredibly well, feels great in your hands, and has some fun RGB lighting options as well.
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Review: DOYOKY Wireless RGB Joycon Controllers for Switch-Black

Zijn de originele Nintendo Joy-Con te klein voor jouw grote klauwen? Het Chinese DOYOKY lijkt iets passends voor je te hebben. De Joy-Con vervangers die zijn produceren zijn echt gemaakt voor gamers met grote handen.
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BINBOK(DOYOKY)'s New Switch Controller Is...
BINBOK's latest handheld-only Joy-Con alternative is here! BINBOK is known for the Nintendo Switch controllers and Joy-Con alternatives, we've covered many on the channel but this is their first handheld-only alternative.
No, THESE Are The Best GameCube Joy-Cons!
🎮 Hey, Swizzlecakes! Thanks so much for tuning in! Today, Max will be showcasing the brand new DOYOKY GameCube styled Joy-Cons! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the video! 🎮
BINBOK(DOYOKY) Transparent Review
Os mostramos los Joy-con de BINBOK compatibles con Nintendo Switch. Estos mandos tan versátiles se adaptan a cualquier modo de la consola sorprendentemente bien, y además, se les ha eliminado el joy-con drift.
BINBOK(DOYOKY) Nintendo Switch Controller - Honest Review
This is my honest take on the BINBOK Pro Nintendo Switch Controller.
Esse foi o melhor unboxing/review que fiz em pelo menos 2 anos...