DOYOKY Lumos Game Controller

  • [Upgraded Version] Utilizing JH16 version Hall effect sensor joysticks to prevent controller drifting. Most of the buttons, including the D-Pad and face buttons, have been upgraded for improved durability compared to the previous version.
  • [7 colors LED Lights & 2 Different Modes] Well-designed Adjustable LED ring light of 7 different colors! Added side light lamps, featuring cool 7-color LED lights, along with 2 different light modes: Single Color Mode and Breathing Color Changing Mode on the Left and Right Controllers.
  • [Back Map Button] This wireless controller has a back assign button (M) which can map one of the buttons to the rectangle(3L/3R) button during using this joycon. You can set up one of the X/Y/A/B/Z/L….. buttons to map it on the rectangle button, making it easier to activate hard-to-reach buttons.
  • [Turbo Function and Precise Motion Controls] Improve the game's accuracy and precision! This switch Joycon can customize the turbo with any button to free players’ fingers and adjust the turbo speed to fit different games. Joypad controllers also have built-in 6-Axis gyro motion controls to rapid start/stop motion without delay.
  • [Dual vibration & Game Experience] Enjoy the action feelings! This switch Joycon controller is equipped with adjustable dual vibration and gives you 4-level precise vibration: 0%/30%/ 50%/75%/ 100%. Making you feel the real game experience and recording all the wonderful scenes with Screenshots.
  • [Ergonomic&Non-Slip Design] Ergonomic hand-fit design with Lightweight materials make the wired joycon controller game-time comfortable. Bigger buttons and joysticks avoid pressing other buttons by mistake. The back of joycon is designed with a special anti-skid pattern, which helps increases friction and reduces the unpleasant experience caused by hand sweat.