DOYOKY Lumos Game Controller Slim Edition

  • [Hall Effect Joysticks] Obtain Hall sensor to achieve more sensitive and precise control without drifting, provide accurate no deadzone control, responding to every subtle movement, enhancing players' performance in the game.
  • [Flexible and Multiple Gameplay] Easily choose from Wired Connection that attaches two Joypads to the switch console to use in handheld mode. Or Stable Wireless Connection that installs two pads on the frame to play as a whole switch controller, or departs one to share with your friends.
  • [Dual Vibration & Turbo] No matter what kind of game you play, such as action game, shooting game, fighting game, or racing game, our wireless switch controllers provide you with realistic game feedback. The explosive T key can speed up your continuous shooting and improve the lethality.
  • [Motion Control & Ergonomics] With the sophisticated 6-axis motion sensors, whether you aim at the rifle or swing, the switch controller can reproduce your action in the most timely and accurate way. The Controller grip targeted streamlined design makes you feel full and comfortable.
  • [Super Cool Colorful RGB] Seven color light ring and three lighting modes of monochrome, breath, and rainbow for you to customize.