DOYOKY Retro Game Controller-Black

  • [Hall Effect Joysticks] Utilizing K-Silver's JH16 version Hall effect sensor joysticks, it solves the common problem of joystick drift. It takes a comfortable feel, long life, and enhanced gaming accuracy for all players, especially for FPS gamers.
  • [Classic Design] Refer to a variety of original and third-party gamepad designs, restore the classic shape and feel, and take you back to 20 years ago.
  • [Interchangeable Thumbsticks] Interchangeable Thumbsticks are provided, allowing you to switch the design of the joystick according to your preference to suit different types of games.
  • [Back Mapping Buttons] The back button design that fits your fingers better does not affect the feel of the classic design, making you feel as if you are holding a first-party handle.
  • [Full Functionality] Dual-motor vibration, 6-axis gyro sensor for motion control, and a wireless connection that allows you to use the Joycon as a pro controller. We never forget these functions.
  • [Charge Both Sides Together] We provide a middle piece with a USB-C interface to connect both sides of Joycon together, so you can charge both of them together. The middle piece also works on other Joycons.