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Best Nintendo Switch Controller for 2023

Feb 15,2023 | Josh Goldman

DOYOKY's Joypad is a combination of Nintendo's Joy-Cons and its wireless Pro Controller. There are left and right Joy-Con-like controllers that can slot onto the sides of the Switch, similar to Hori's Switch Split Pad Pro. This gives you the comfort and larger controls of the Pro controller while you use the Switch handheld. 

However, unlike Hori's controller, the DOYOKY Joypad can be used off the Switch because each has a built-in battery and Bluetooth. Their design makes them awkward to hold as Joy-Cons but it can be done, and each has adjustable rumble and motion controls. They both have a mappable button on the inside of their grips as well as turbo buttons. The Home button can wake the Switch when you're ready to game and you can even change the color of the LED light rings around the thumb sticks. 

The included holder joins the two controllers together to form a single Pro-like controller like Nintendo's Joy-Con Comfort Grip. Unfortunately, this won't allow you to charge both controllers at the same time; each of the controllers needs to be charged separately through their USB-C ports or while attached to the Switch when it's charging (you can leave the controllers attached when docked). The holder is unusually wide, too, and with the controllers attached it's actually larger than a Pro controller. There's some flex where the controllers slot onto the holder giving it a tenuous feel. That flex, combined with its lightweight, makes the whole thing feel flimsy. Still, it's not like Nintendo's Joy-Cons are known for their reliability and overall this is an excellent option if you want to pay less and do more.