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Nintendo Switch 2: The Next Generation Console - Rumors and Expectations

Jul 20,2023 | DOYOKY

The Switch 2 is likely to follow Nintendo's trend of iterative improvements for its handheld consoles, rather than a complete departure from the original concept. While the official name may differ, it's safe to assume that the upcoming console will be the next big gaming machine from Nintendo.

Anticipated Enhancements:

Fans eagerly await significant enhancements in power, an OLED display as standard, and the ability to output in 4K, ensuring compatibility with the latest high-resolution televisions. While details remain speculative, recent developments offer some insight into the potential features of the Switch 2.


Latest News:

According to reports, the Nintendo Switch 2 is slated for a launch in the first quarter of 2024. Furthermore, Nintendo's confirmation that Nintendo Accounts will transfer to the Switch 2 suggests the possibility of backwards compatibility. Ubisoft's CEO, Yves Guillemot, has also hinted at the existence of the Nintendo Switch 2 during discussions about the soft sales of the Switch exclusive, Mario + Rabbids sequel.


Release Date and Price:

Given recent rumors and hints, industry analysts cautiously predict that the second-generation Switch could arrive within the next 12 months, possibly around the same time as the PS5 Pro. However, Nintendo has confirmed no hardware releases until after March 2024. Pricing speculation suggests a range similar to the Nintendo Switch OLED, potentially incorporating an OLED display as well.

Hardware and Power:

The Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to feature an updated system-on-a-chip, possibly a next-generation iteration of the Tegra X1 chip found in the current Switch. While AMD's advancements may present an opportunity for collaboration, it's more likely that Nintendo will stick with Nvidia. Recent rumors about a custom Tegra chip based on Samsung's 5-nanometer process have generated excitement, but the details remain unconfirmed.


Display and Refresh Rate:

Speculation points towards an OLED display for the Switch 2, similar to the Switch OLED model. However, the possibility of improved refresh rates, potentially reaching 120Hz, remains a hopeful wish. Sharp, the current supplier of Switch displays, has mentioned a new LCD panel for a "new gaming console," possibly referring to the Switch 2. If this is the case, it could indicate a departure from OLED technology.

Backwards Compatibility and Features:

Backwards compatibility is a highly sought-after feature, allowing players to enjoy older Switch games on the new hardware. It is hoped that the Switch 2 will offer improved performance and visual fidelity when running previous titles. It is also crucial for accessories such as Joy-Cons, Ring Fit Adventure, and external controllers to remain compatible with the Switch 2, minimizing additional expenses for users.



While details about the Nintendo Switch 2 remain speculative, anticipation is building for a new and more powerful console from Nintendo. As the Nintendo Switch approaches its hardware limitations, the Switch 2 promises enhanced features, improved performance, and the potential for an even more immersive gaming experience. As gamers eagerly await further information, the Nintendo Switch 2 could be the answer to their gaming dreams.